The Thriving Facilitators Network
The Thriving Facilitators Network
Sheila Preston

Welcome to The Thriving Facilitators Network

Support & networking for facilitators/artists who work in community & educational settings.


This is a FREE community network for socially engaged, heart-centred artists and facilitators who work community and educational settings. 

The group is set up to enable artists-facilitators offer each other mutual support and to share expertise with one another. 

We're delighted you've decided to join us!

This group is run by Sheila Preston with help from some lovely fellow artist-facilitators.

Why You Should Join

Join us if you are a socially engaged, heart-centred artist and facilitator who works community and educational settings. 

Join if you are a purpose-led practitioner who really cares about your work but who struggles to feel resilient and confident at times because you work in highly changeable, and challenging settings. 

Join us if you are committed to your growth as a practitioner. 

Join us if you feel isolated in your work and would love to share your experiences with others. 

You want to thrive in the work you are passionate about, importantly, you want to stay aligned with your values and integrity along the way.